Artisan Door Beads

Artisan Door Beads is an Australian company based in the Blue Mountains, NSW.

We have scoured the world to bring you the very best wooden door beads available. All our Beaded Door Curtains are hand made in Vietnam using eco-friendly sustainable bamboo. We are proud of our light environmental footprint and fair trade arrangement with our Vietnamese partners.

Beaded Door Curtains bring a sense of open, relaxed yet private lifestyle ambience to your home. Feel like you are on holidays every day in your space! Add a splash of colour with our creative and fun designs or keep it simple with solid sophisticated colours or bare bones bamboo!

Our designs cover a vast range of tastes and themes. Meticulously hand painted, each beaded door curtain is a piece of art. Our customers have been known to love them so much they hang them on the wall as a featured art piece! We don’t mind where you hang yours - we know they will look great no matter where they are!

Made from eco-friendly sustainable bamboo our Beaded Door Curtains are durable, lightweight and easy to clean. They work hard to discourage flying insects and will look perfect in your space!

Most of the door curtains have 90 strings. Those with very detailed designs have 125 strings to maximise the clarity of the image. A full set of hanging instructions is included with each door curtain.