Beaded Door Curtains | Island Sunset
Beaded Door Curtains | Island Sunset

Beaded Door Curtains | Island Sunset

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Island Sunset is a 90 x 200cm bamboo beaded door curtain. It features an idyllic scene of tropical palm trees silhouetted against the sky. Combined with the red, yellow and orange hues of a beautiful sunset this Beaded Door Curtain will enhance any space. Features 90 strings.

Features of Our Beaded Door Curtains

Each Artisan Door Beads beaded door curtain is hand-painted in Vietnam making each one unique. They come in an assortment of designs and styles ranging from plain coloured or natural through to images depicting spiritual, floral and beachside living themes.

Our beaded door curtains are practical and attractive. They provide screening without obstructing the natural movement of air and discourage flying insects.

Each beaded door curtain comes with their own hanging furniture. Simply use the two hooks in the top bar to suspend the door curtain over a door way, from the ceiling, or on a wall.

Beaded Door Curtains are not just for doorways. They can also be used in other creative ways:
  • Room Partition
  • Screen to hide an unsightly area
  • Wall feature